Painting Flowers and Birds

With the beautiful paint colors the children created it seemed 
fitting that we paint flowers . As it turned out it actually ended
up marking the beginning of our transition into a new line of interest; birds.

 This long term project started out about Spring and there is certainly a connection between the change of seasons and all the birds we are seeing on our playground. We have a great book about Florida birds in our classroom and some of the children have been very interested in learning more about our winged friends.
We read the story "the mountain that loved a bird" by Alice McLerran and that day the children began painting birds.

We talked about the things we already knew about birds,
"They live in nests in the trees", "They have wings and fly in the sky",
"There are lots of different kinds of birds".
We asked what they wanted to learn about birds and they answered,
"What do birds eat?  How do birds fly?  Are birds mammals?"
There are many more projects to come. Join us in our exploration.

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