Hues and Shades of Color

Most if not all preschoolers come into our class knowing their colors.
In the beginning of the year we often talk about mixing colors to create green, orange, and purple but truthfully most preschoolers pick up on these concepts
organically through experimentation. So we decided to try something new.

We compared some of the colors around us and realized that
not all colors are the same even though we often label them as such.
These are called shades and hues of color.
We even briefly talked about how certain colors make us feel. Black makes some of us feel scared and yellow makes some of us feel happy.
Each child got to create their own personal hue based on mixing two primary colors and then making them darker (warmer) or lighter (cooler). We ended up with not just blue or red but beautiful shades of blueberry,cherry,avocado,chocolate,and rust.

These colors will help us make color palettes for future painting projects.

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