With graduation around the corner we decided to provoke a conversation about change. We asked "What are some things that change?" The children had answers like; "Caterpillars turn into butterflies","Baby birds turn into grown up birds","Leaves change color","Hair changes color when you get older","Whenever things move they change spots", We then asked the question "What would the earth look like if nothing ever changes?" They said, "It would be a big black world" and "When you come back to places it would be the same". 
We ended the conversation with the question,"How can we make things change?"
We set out paint and natural materials like leaves,shells,rocks and moss to provide inspiration.

When they were done with their  painting we had them sprinkle it with salt. 
Then we waited for it to dry.
It was really cool to see how the salt changed the way the paint looked. 
We had them look at their painting and asked if they could transform it into something else. They turned their paintings around, looking at them from different angles each trying to find a new image like you  might try to find in a cloud.
Leaves turned into animals, ants, stingrays and monsters.
The next day we decided to revisit their paintings, giving them the opportunity for reflection. We wrote down things they said and talked about how things can start out one way and turn out differently in the end.

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