Birds of Clay

The children are learning the skills necessary to become more fluent in different mediums.
The greater the mastery of each, the easier it is for the child to communicate through that medium.
We set out clay and asked the children if they could make a bird.
It tends to come easier for children to represent a 3-D object
in a 2-D manner. Clay allows for opportunities to explore concepts like
size, ratio and perspective.

They are learning how to manipulate the clay.
This is great for strengthening 
hand muscles and refining fine motor skills. 
Working with clay provides it's own challenges; how do pieces fit together?,
how do you add detail?, how do you keep the clay from drying out?

Their birds turned out great! 
They were able to create beaks, wings and even feathers.

They are on display in our kitchen on the shelves above the cubbies.
Take a look!

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