Butterflies part 2

The children already knew a lot about caterpillars and butterflies but we found out through group discussion there were many things they wanted to know.
Some of the things they knew were: caterpillars turn into butterflies,caterpillars are not insects and butterflies are, caterpillars make cocoons, butterflies have "exoskeletons".
Some of the questions they had were: How do butterflies eat?,why do caterpillars have silk on their bodies?,do butterflies poop?, Are butterfly wings feathers?
We read books about butterflies and in the studio the children put to life some of the things they knew and some of the things they were learning about butterflies.
Some children worked alone and some worked together.
With various materials like, sticks,tissue paper and glue the children created visual representations of their knowledge.
We hung their work on the wall and on the branch in our studio.
We learned that butterflies do not have feathers they have wings made out of scales that are similar to fish!, butterflies do poop,it's the first thing they do when they come out of their cocoon ,butterfly wings need to dry before they can fly, caterpillars shed their skin multiple times.
We invite you to take a look!

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