Our preschool has gone through some changes!
As teachers we are continually concerned with our own education and professional development. Our ideas and feelings about the work we are doing change with our evolving selves. We are learning and growing as teachers by pursuing knowledge of various educational theories.
We are experimenting,exploring and learning new ways to approach subjects through different styles and theoretical practices. We want to provoke and inspire a rich preschool experience for our students and their families.

Our new spaces are the"studio" and the "work room."
The studio is deeply rooted in the Reggio Emilia approach to learning which emphasizes art and creativity. The space functions as a place for children to explore and learn about their world through different art mediums.
The work room is influenced by Maria Montessori.The tools,tasks and  responsibilities associated with this space help build autonomy and practical life skills.

Many more changes will likely follow and all for the better; all because of our strong commitment to early childhood education and your children.

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