My House

We have been talking a lot about where we live.
Why do we need a place to live? 
Do other types of animals have homes too?

We read a great book about a little house that lived in the country.
Slowly the city moved closer and closer to the little house.
The house was forgotten and sad in the city until a distant family member noticed the house and had it moved back to the country.
We got this awesome play house for our classroom this week and the kids built the city moving in around the the little house.

We also spent time talking about what kinds of things are inside our homes.
We drew pictures of some of the rooms in our houses.
We also drew pictures of the outside of our houses.
We did the outline in pencil.
We colored them using oil pastels.
We water colored over the entire picture to create a beautiful color-resist effect.
The finished art is hanging in our middle room. 
Please take the time to find your home!

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