Under The Sea

We had sea creatures come to visit at Imagine.
Sponges, starfish, sea slugs and snails.

Clams, mussels and scallops too!

The children sifted the sand to find the shells.

It was really a treat to see some of the creatures we were able to touch and feel through a microscope.
The children learned that microscopes make things look bigger. 

Many of the children were inspired to draw pictures of some of the marine life they saw.

Our art project for the week was making sea turtles.
We used a piece of  recycled produce styrofoam  and carved lines into it that looked like the shell of a sea turtle.
We rolled paint onto the foam and "printed" the shell design onto the sea turtle.

We needed a place for our sea turtles to swim so the children painted the ocean using sea sponges.

Our beautiful sea turtles are swimming happily in the preschool.
A very special thanks to Austin's mommy Elise for making our ocean week so special.

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