The children made snakes out of paper plates.

We spent the week talking and learning about snakes.
First we talked about what we already knew about snakes: 
"Some snakes are poisonous, you should leave them alone, they can bite, they are different colors, they have fangs, snake starts with the letter S."
Next we talked about what we would like to learn about snakes:
"Do snakes hibernate?, where do they live?, can you bring a snake to the vet?, what do they eat?, how is a snake born?, how long do snakes live?"
We ended the week talking about what we learned about snakes:
There are 3000 varieties of snakes in the world, snakes are born from eggs, they are reptiles, snakes that live in colder climates hibernate in the winter. snakes eat animals, a snakes life span is about 20 years.

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