M is for Music...

We filled different sized glass jars with varying amounts of colored water. We arranged the jars from high to low. We let the children "play" the jars with a wooden spoon.We explained to the children  that we were going to write a song. We had the children draw circles that represent "notes" along a line.We provided paint that corresponded with the colored water in the jars. The children painted in the circles making a "pattern" of sounds. We asked the children to name their songs. 

We were so fortunate to have wonderful musical guests.
They played "wind","string" and "percussion" instruments.
John played the Bagpipes.Mick played the Bouzouki.
Here's a link to learn more about this beautiful instrument.
I love music week because the children are always inspired to make music of their own.

Some of the children wrote thank you notes to our guests.

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