Clouds Are Cool

We made a welcome sign for our open house.

I gave each child a cotton ball and told them to pretend it was a cloud.

I asked them how does the cloud feel? They agreed that they felt "light" "soft" and "fluffy".

We talked about how when water from the earth travels up into the sky it fills the clouds. When the cloud gets heavy with water it rains.

We talked about how our cloud felt now. They felt "heavy" "cold" and "wet".
Cloud starts with the letter C.

There are many other words that start with the letter C; words like, coffee, cup, carrots, corn and cow.
There are different kinds of clouds.
Cirrus clouds are high and wispy.
Cumulus clouds are puffy.
Stratus clouds hang low in the sky in layers.
Cumulus-nimbus clouds are large, towering and gray. They make rain.

We looked for the different kinds of clouds in the sky above Imagine.

We sometimes saw shapes in the clouds. We saw a turtle and a tiger.

We made clouds for our birthday wall.

We stuffed them with newspaper and used a stapler to close up the edges.

We glued cotton to our clouds.

Our cool clouds hang happily above our birthday garden.

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